Business Services – pre-start, start-up, early stage

When you have a great idea for a company there are three challenges, depending on your background, experience and partners you may have some of them solved already but the chances are you have one or two significant barriers to overcome.

Our process enables companies to identify their challenges and overcome them. In addressing them there is a good chance that you start to increase your chances of getting early-stage funding to prove the assumptions that have been made and develop your world-beating product or service.

We work with you to do that and to secure initial and follow on funding. Did you know that most startups run out of money? Our approach to sustainable development helps to overcome that.

We fundamentally believe in proving the impact of projects to enable further adaptation, development and deployment. We think this is essential in Health and Social Care and yet most analysis of Digital Health companies is woefully inadequate and introduces huge risk to patients, clinicians, and severely limits your potential for growth.

Business services – High Growth

Successful Companies need help to grow, often getting to a good and stable base of operations but with significant opportunities before them, growing can be a tumultuous and challenging time. How do you raise funding to grow? How do you build a structure that will help you successfully deliver the growth your company needs?

Bringing maturity to development processes and increasing the flexibility of your team is likely to be essential to your growth aspirations. We help founders and management teams to overcome their challenges.

Public Sector – Innovation Programmes

Innovation in the public sector is a huge challenge. Some organisations are managing to do it themselves, often due to highly motivated, rogue intrapreneurs (Clinicians especially!), unfortunately, most are not. This is not unusual in any large organisation when delivery of a service is your raison d’etre diverting attention to innovation is difficult – no, worse, it’s almost impossible.

We help to understand the strategic challenges, design programmes to identify the art of the possible and create collaborative projects to develop and deliver the solution.

The thing we are most keen to do though is to make the process enabling and sustaining within the organisations we work with.  Making an active Innovative approach a part of the operating principles is our long term goal – sounds ridiculous? We believe anyone can innovate and do it well but the mindset and drive to do it has to be there.


Next Steps…

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