Why Future-Health?

Future-Health innovation Ltd was started in 2018 to provide critical, practical and objective support to starting and growing companies. We look at the idea or sector and work collaboratively to build a coherent plan to raise funding, create crucial partnerships (to address skills gaps)  and access the market. These are well known to be the fundamental barriers to success for early-stage companies and are key motivators for the delivery of services from Future-Health. 

What do we provide?

Our business has seen many startups, some good, some bad, some aspirational, some obvious, some obscure but all with passionate founders who want to navigate their way to success. From a workshop in 2016 we realised that the NHS and Local Authorities often have a huge desire to innovate but can’t find the companies to talk to that could help. Companies are keen to help and want to provide skills to ease friction for staff and patients by bringing in the state of the art technologies and improving current practice, although with a focus on the outcomes rather than the technology itself, which is a means to an end, an enabler…. 

Future-Health sits in the middle, helping those early-stage businesses to align their work with the needs of the NHS and Local Authorities, and working as a trusted partner with the public sector organisations to build and deliver their innovation programmes.

Meet the Team

The Founder of Future-Health Innovations is Ian Sharp, an Engineer with international experience of developing technology projects and commercial experience to match.

Ian Sharp

Founder & CEO

Ian is an Engineer by training, although he was an Engineer from birth as the trail of fixed toys, machines, projects and computers attest.  An early interest in computers led to following Engineering as a profession but it was the fortune to land in an early stage company from University that really encouraged taking the innate, “finding solutions to problems” to the next level. Growing with a small company, having the chance to get involved in many aspects of the development meant lots of opportunities to learn about the technology business and travel internationally to do that were formative experiences leading to helping early-stage companies understand their barriers and helpful strategies to overcome them.

Next Steps…

At Future-Health we can help with balancing your project to aid initial funding, project delivery, partnering with the “right” companies to develop the product or service you envision. We also work on Real-World evaluation of Digital Health projects as we believe this is strategically important in being able to scale your company.

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